I participated again in SPARK, a quarterly on-line art and writing collaboration conceived, coordinated and curated by Amy Souza. And again, I collaborated with Buffalo, NY artist Jennifer Fendya. By following the links below, you’ll see 4 pairs of works. In each, either Jennifer or I provided the inspiration piece (a poem or art piece) and the other had 10 days to create a response piece. In each response, you may detect a grain of inspiration that links it back to the inspiration piece, like the tiny grain of sand that the pearl forms around.

Please have a look at the four pairs, leave comments if you’re moved to do so, and look at the other artistic pairings on Spark 33.

The links:

Your Card

And I forgot to mention

the best part — the arrangement

of the four staples — each spinning

clockwise from its corner

suggesting motion, a cycle,

continuity, la roue de la fortune,

like a Tibetan swastika.

I imagine your right hand

holding the stapler, judging you

to be right-handed by the shape

and flow of the haiku letters,

and your left hand holding the card,

the miracle of fingers and thumb

made for pinching,

how they shape a world.